MIXSOON Vitamin C Powder

RM85.90 MYR

Mixsoon Powder, which awakens and revitalizes dull skin, quickly and easily making the skin moisturized and radiant. 

1. Clear radiance care filled with vitamin C
As an EWG green grade ascorbic acid raw material, the active ingredients of vitamins are quickly absorbed into the skin to restore the natural glow of the skin.

2. Forms a firm moisturizing film on the crumbly skin
When powder is mixed with dry skin, it forms a moisturizing film to quench thirst.

3. All-in-one DIY powder
You can upgrade to new cosmetics by mixing with existing products.

It is easy to control the amount and has a texture that mixed well. Smooth and can be used well with any formulation.

How to use:

  1. Shake the product before use
  2. Mix with the basic products to be used together (skin, essence, serum, cream) 
  3. Apply gently to the desired area and let it absorb.


RM85.90 MYR
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