GOODAL Houttuynia Cordata Calming Essence

RM126.50 MYR

GOODAL Houttuynia Cordata Calming Moisture Toner is a skincare product formulated to provide hydration and soothe sensitive or irritated skin. It features houttuynia cordata extract as its key ingredient, known for its calming and anti-inflammatory properties.

Houttuynia cordata, also known as heartleaf or fish mint, is a herbaceous plant native to Asia. It has been used in traditional medicine for its various health benefits, including its ability to soothe skin inflammation, reduce redness, and provide antioxidant protection. Overall, this toner is suitable for those with sensitive or irritated skin who are looking for a gentle and hydrating solution to help calm and soothe their skin.

How to use:
Dispense product into the palm of hand and pat on clean skin for absorption. For areas that need extra soothing, soak a cotton pad and leave on the affected area for 10 minutes.

Can be used daily and is suitable for both AM and PM.

RM126.50 MYR
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