COSRX Bha Blackhead Power Liquid

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COSRX BHA Blackhead Power Liquid is another popular skincare product from COSRX, known for its effective treatment of blackheads and other forms of acne. This product contains a high concentration of Beta Hydroxy Acid (BHA), specifically salicylic acid, which is known for its ability to penetrate deep into the pores to dissolve and remove excess oil, dead skin cells, and other debris that can lead to blackheads and clogged pores.

Salicylic acid is a gentle yet potent exfoliant that helps to unclog pores, reduce the appearance of blackheads, and prevent future breakouts. It also has anti-inflammatory properties, making it suitable for those with acne-prone or sensitive skin.

The COSRX BHA Blackhead Power Liquid is typically used after cleansing and toning the skin, applied with a cotton pad or fingertips and gently patting it onto the skin, focusing on areas prone to blackheads and congestion. It's recommended to start with a few applications per week and gradually increase frequency as your skin adjusts.

Regular use of this product can help to improve the clarity and texture of the skin, reducing the occurrence of blackheads and promoting a smoother, more refined complexion. As with any skincare product, it's essential to patch test and introduce it gradually into your routine to ensure compatibility and minimize the risk of irritation. Additionally, using sunscreen during the day is crucial when using exfoliating products like the BHA Blackhead Power Liquid to protect the skin from sun damage.

How to use:

After cleansing, use in the skin, toner, or essence step. If used as toner, make sure the liquid is fully absorbed before applying next step skincare products. Recommend to use 2-3 times in a week, and gradually build up the usage according to the skin condition. 

* If used during the day, please be sure to apply sunscreen.

RM95.90 MYR
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